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Stephen Nessen covers transportation. Since 2008 he has reported on everything from Occupy Wall Street, the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site, Hurricane Sandy, to Trump’s campaign for president. His transportation reporting has taken him everywhere from the MTA’s secret Rail Control Center to the gleaming subways of Seoul.

Stephen Nessen

During the heyday of subway tokens, station booths were small banks full of cash. But new technology has made them obsolete.

The orange and yellow plastic seats that encourage riders to look out the window or initiate a chat will be extinct by 2028.

The plan includes the removal of hundreds of stops in an effort to speed up service.

Transit ridership in New York is down roughly 40% from before the pandemic, costing the MTA billions in lost fares.

David Mack has for months argued with top MTA officials over his parking privileges.

The spending is the latest effort by transit officials to make New York's transit networks accessible to riders with disabilities.

The MTA needed the waiver to open the long-stalled station before the end of the year.

Officials plan to install the technology on 1,500 buses in December.

The traffic changes come as city officials brace for the largest holiday crowds in Midtown since the pandemic hit.

The fare increase for yellow taxis comes as cabbies struggle to recover from the pandemic.

The city launched a pilot last year to test the safety of electric scooter rentals in the East Bronx. With no deaths reported, officials want to make the two-wheelers permanent.

The busy, roundabout intersection is a pain point for drivers and pedestrians alike.

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