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"No one ever leaves the job early," Blake said. "They say, 'I’ve done this for 10 years, I'm going to be something else.' They don’t. You’re part of the club. Nobody leaves."

"First people came because they heard how cool and hip and character-filled Brooklyn was, and there was music and art and happenings. Now they're coming because it's luxurious."

A look inside the old bank, its vault, and the gallery it houses.

"This is a two dollar high. This is really aimed at low income people, not generally young people. Middle aged or older men."

A long visit with George Burke, a colorful character who lives in one of the NYC's unique historic homes on Staten Island.

If the motion is granted, her parents would be charged a $100 fine for every day they don't pay.

The incident allegedly occurred after Lide attempted to steal beer from the deli earlier that day.

Two suspects spent almost a year in jail before their trials; they couldn't afford bail.

Complaint Activity Maps break down the data in a number of ways: by complaint type, precinct and by officer.

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