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No solid evidence ties whale fatalities along the New York and New Jersey coasts to offshore wind surveying, but activists are calling for a pause so the impacts can be investigated.

The City Council voted yes on environmental bills this week that included marine debris removal, increasing refunds for recycled bottles and green building codes.

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection depends on the revenue for sewage management and flood protection.

Battery Park City plans to expand its dog poop composting program to process more than 200 pounds per day. Organizers say it could serve as a model for citywide use.

Holtec International, the company decommissioning the Indian Point Energy Center, plans to discharge about 1 million gallons of radioactive water in the Hudson River as early as August.

FloodNet, a collaboration between multiple NYC universities, attaches weather sensors to signposts so that residents can monitor and respond to a flood as it is happening.

The proposal features plenty of climate funding, but some policy experts question the timelines for electrification.

State health officials say the change will align New York’s masking guidelines with CDC recommendations.

Young adults living in NYC public housing can apply now for Green City Force, a six-month training program for green economy jobs.

The suspect refused to put away his gun as police fired, officials say.

New York City had a freezing cold weekend that is expected to morph into a 50-degree temperature difference.

The proposed budget makes cuts to key departments that govern carbon-cutting projects.

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