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The art of the movie exists within the ferocity of its one note—a note that if you’ve ever had to sing, feels like an eternity of ripping out your vocal chords as an entire nation stands by and refuses to listen.

As an ensemble cast of semi-ambitious young white people trying to make it in New York City, Rachel and Ross and Phoebe and Joey and Monica and Chandler were ultimately able to live in delusion and thrive in ways that black and brown people never could or can.

The pushback from Gingrich and his ilk only further illustrates the impact and necessity of the 1619 Project, which is at once spectacular and damning—an illumination that bleeds and breathes, rooted in black language, black life, and black history.

The series, which ended its second season last Sunday, is a plot-addled melange of marriage, single motherhood, domestic violence, sexual assault, and murder... but race, not so much.

'Do the Right Thing' — and an interaction with its filmmaker — forever changed me.

At every turn we see how the preservation of blackness remains an uphill battle.

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