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"Like honestly, standard of living discourses to me are often implicit discussions of alienation and psuedo-castration most days," says Kalan Sherrard, a member of performance art project LxS Hu3rfaN0s/pUTOS/CRi0s.

Yeasayer have a new album coming out later this month. We recently talked to them about their sound... and some more abstract stuff.

The Kodak Colorama series of photographs, 18 feet high and 60 feet wide, were displayed in the station's Grand Concourse, in the space now occupied by the Apple Store.

Breaking: ice cream trucks are targeting children.

Brooklyn Grange, a rooftop farm that first sprouted up in Queens, today celebrated the first harvest from its first Brooklyn location, which is now the largest rooftop farm in NYC.

For those in Red Hook still reeling from the searing disappointment of Brooklyn Crab, there's now an appealing outdoor alternative, on the weekends at least.

They're flying through your backstreets, they're mowing your people down: The dreaded electric bikes have come under attack by lawmakers again.

Apparently grief runs its course after 10 years: The traditional reading of the names on the anniversary of 9/11 might see some changes after this year.

Parents at a North Bronx elementary school have just been treated to an unpleasant late-summer surprise: Their children's school is contaminated with a potentially carcinogenic chemical.

Finally, students can get help with Regents tests through the power of rap.

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