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The popular Dry Pepper Chicken Wings, Dumplings in Chili Oil, Dan Dan Noodles, and other Szechuan specialties are now in Downtown Brooklyn.

Apparently, it only counts as "new" if the base is new, i.e. not made from milk, "special dark," creme (ugh) or, now, caramel.

Chef Danny Brown, who ran the first Queens restaurant to earn a Michelin star, transformed his newish UES bistro into a cheese, charcuterie and wine bar.

It contains the same ingredients as the majority of many people's Thanksgiving table.

Former Del Posto chef Mark Ladner is doing Spaghetti & Meatballs in 30 seconds flat at his new fast casual pasta restaurant.

Over 20 restaurants and food trucks serving the Himalayan dumplings are participating this year.

Instead, chefs are responsible for illuminating diners as to what they're eating, which should be simple enough considering guests are sitting more or less on top of the cooking area.

Acclaimed French chef Joël Robuchon brings his 31 Michelin star status back to NYC after a five year absence.

The widely-respected guide has awarded 72 restaurants between one and three stars, with one very notable demotion, one promotion, and six restaurants earning their first star.

People involved with the shop are "expecting lines down the block" when it opens in December.

Plus, some very charitable dining options from Movember meatballs to cocktails for Puerto Rico.

The new bar will pour 12 Bad Seed ciders in addition to craft beer, wine and spirits, all produced in New York State.

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