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Tenants on rent strike in Bushwick have made an interesting discovery: their landlord might owe them thousands of dollars in back rent, and rent-stabilized leases.

"Everything is destroyed," said his wife, who was in the middle of a divorce when he disappeared.

One couple spent $13,000 and another paid a $12,000 deposit to have their weddings at the popular venue.

His lawyer argues he was convicted with bunk DNA evidence to protect a politically connected neighborhood patrol.

And too late for would-be contenders who were reluctant to go up against an incumbent.

Jail staff took him off of suicide watch days before he died.

"The pictures in that design presentation look like kids starting a startup company," a correction officer union spokesman said.

Federal appeals judges have overturned the 2015 conviction of former Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver on corruption charges.

One of the victims had said the toughs attacked over an antifascist sticker on his brother's cellphone.

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