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For the communities that will be shielded by these new coastal defenses, they offer an extension on life. Yet for some residents, these walls and levees are not a welcome addition.

For the communities that lost homes, neighbors, and loved ones, it has been a long decade of recovery and rebuilding.

The 14-year construction project would dramatically reshape New York City’s waterfront and be one of the largest infrastructure projects in the area's history.

The next two city sites under development are located in Staten Island along the Arthur Kill and are part of a larger plan to develop an offshore wind supply chain network in New York City.

The site may also be eligible for federal funds, including a recent influx of $3.5 billion to the Superfund Remedial Program from the bipartisan infrastructure law, which President Biden ratified in November 2021.

The 290-page Comprehensive Waterfront Plan includes equity measures and mentions a revived study that could install massive barriers in the mouth of major waterways, potentially setting the stage for one of the largest infrastructure projects in New York’s history.

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