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Also: What's Murphy doing about New Jersey's teacher shortage and judicial vacancies?

Departments must now reveal when officers get in trouble for discrimination, lying, use of excessive force, domestic violence, mishandling evidence, improper searches or arrests.

Democrats sacrificed strength in the 7th District to shore up other candidates when their redistricting map was proposed last year.

The race had been the most closely watched in New Jersey.

Mail-in votes will be accepted for another six days after Election Day.

Democratic leaders have blamed Republicans for language they say leads to conspiracy theories and violence.

That could make some races much too tight to call on election night.

A caller to "Ask Governor Murphy" noted that marijuana is legal to possess — but not to grow at home.

But planning advocates say much more needs to be done if NJ is to truly weather climate change

The 7th Congressional District is New Jersey's most competitive race. Republican Tom Kean is betting a tightly controlled message is his best strategy.

Republican challenger Tom Kean Jr. hasn’t engaged with most press. His campaign says he doesn't get a fair shake.

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