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After about two decades in (mostly) New Jersey-focused commercial print, digital and digital-but-radio-adjacent news, Lou stumbled into member-supported news in early 2021, as the editor and CEO of Montclair Local. There, he (hopes he) expanded enterprise, brought more sophistication to digital storytelling and moved the nonprofit newsroom closer to long-term financial sustainability. He helped lead the Local to its fourth consecutive General Excellence award from the New Jersey Press Association — the NJPA's highest honor with judges noting the paper's work to strip away layers of government opacity, to hold power to account, to make news accessible for more members of the community, to share the stories and concerns of more facets of the community and to tell compelling stories across multiple media. He's excited to continue the same ethic — news as a public service — at NYPR as the New Jersey and suburbs editor, drawing on the extraordinary talents of reporters including Karen Yi and Nancy Solomon. Lou lives in Philly (that commute!) with his partner and their two cats, about whom and about which he speaks incessantly.

Louis C. Hochman

Federal officials were threatening to cut off funding permanently within a few months.

The fire comes just a day after another that killed two people in the Bronx

In one case, ballots were found in a Mercer County Board of Elections office. Town officials haven't gotten answers about how they went missing or how they turned up.

Proposed legislation would make it easier to alert officers, voluntarily, when someone has communication difficulties.

The missing ballots are from Mercer County, where voting machine scanners didn't work on Election Day.

The race between Andy Kim and Bob Healey had been the second-most watched in New Jersey.

Mail-in votes will be accepted for another six days after Election Day.

The issue could delay calling the closely watched NJ-03 race between Andy Kim and Bob Healey Jr.

Even if Republican Tom Kean Jr. has a lead over incumbent Tom Malinowski on Election Night, the gap may narrow or be reversed as mail-in votes get processed for days.

The journalists say management isn't negotiating in good faith after slashing hundreds of jobs, mandating furloughs and cutting salaries.

Redistricting shifted the New Jersey map in Democrats' favor. But in the 7th District, incumbent Democrat Tom Malinowski is vulnerable.

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