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"We must send a message in this city that the people who helped build up this neighborhood need their supermarket"

Since launching an effort to phase out the cluster site program, the city has managed to eliminate 450 of 3,600 total units.

Instead of fighting through crowds of tourists at hastily constructed outdoor malls, check out some of the city's best independent holiday markets. Some even let you drink!

"If we abandon those commitments and we don't do anything about climate change, by 2100 there will be doubts about the future viability for the city."

Come January, a borough with a population larger than San Diego's will lack even a single general-interest bookstore.

"If this bill passes, Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey will not come back to New York, period."

"In a world where prisoners are treated like animals, we made our experiences there feel more human by how we prepared our food."

"It's unacceptable to me," De Blasio said of Perkins' death. "It makes me extraordinarily angry."

Hundreds of residents joined local politicians on Saturday to protest a proposed school rezoning they say would unnecessarily divide an UWS community that has sent its children to the same elementary school for half a century.

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