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Responding to our post last week about the St. Paddy's Day NORML rally at City Hall, a resident physician from NYU posted his New York pot-history speech in our comments. So, we interviewed him.

Yes, we know that it was just Purim, but that simply means Passover is only a few weeks away (and even if you forgot, your mother already called you this past weekend to remind you).

As if the great weather and new Grimaldi's wasn't reason enough to head out to Coney Island, the New York Aquarium just added a weedy scorpionfish to its collection!

The Times gives some insight into Bloomberg's less-than-enthusiastic relationship with his hometown roots in Medford, MA (pronounced "Medfehd" in the local dialect).

Considering all the moving Grimaldi's has done in the last few months, it's a pleasant surprise to hear of plans to open a new location in Coney Island, across from Luna Park.

There's no end in sight over the saga pink slime, but finding out what other noxious chemicals get added to our meats would probably send us screaming for the hills, if not the salad bar.

Early Sunday morning a Queens mother of two of was killed after being shot 20 times while sitting on the stoop in front of her home in South Ozone Park.

The last time professional tinkerer Christopher Hackett was featured in a NY Times story, it was when an confetti gun he invented exploded in his face.

A dozen-or-so demonstrators from Empire State NORML, the New York State chapter of the marijuana law reform group, gathered on the steps of City Hall yesterday in the spirit of a healthier St. Patrick's Day.

Last week, a 39-year old man was shot in a Queens barbershop by a guy wielding a sawed-off shotgun, who was later identified and arrested because of his Facebook photo.

Apparently, jacking up the price of a fundraising cupcake from $.50 to $1 led to a vicious culture divide at PS 295 in Sunset Park.

Notorious pigeon lover Mike Tyson will see the opening of his one man show "Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth—Live on Stage" in Las Vegas this April, but his real dream is to take it to Broadway.

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