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We just had the warmest October since temperature observations began in Central Park just after the Civil War, and the eighth straight warmer-than-average October.

The worst of the rain has moved northward, but the radar shows a few lighter showers lingering in the area.

Sunday, the fifth anniversary of superstorm Sandy, is looking like a real mess.

Warmer weather returns for the weekend ahead of the next cold front.

We are in for our first significant rainfall in more than a couple of weeks.

Did you enjoy the cold weather yesterday? Hope so, because that's over for now.

A well-defined cold front passed through the area early this morning sending the temperature and humidity into a deep plunge.

Much warmer weather is in store for Sunday when the high will reach at least the upper 70s.

This afternoon's high will only reach the lower 70s, which is still several degrees warmer than normal but not the extreme warmth that we've seen for almost a week.

This morning's low in Central Park dipped down to 71 degrees, which is five degrees warmer than the normal high for the day and nineteen degrees warmer than the average low.

The next weather maker of any note won't happen until late Friday and that system is likely to be a weak cold front.

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