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Most people probably aren't into reading ancient Chinese military treatises for

According to research from the Centers for Disease Control, more Americans than ever are suffering from asthma. One in 12 adults, to be exact.

You shouldn't get so annoyed at your girlfriend for crying about everything, because it turns out there's a biological reason behind those tears.

File photo of a Labrador retriever Port Authority cops are celebrating

Waiter Mohamed Kotbi, who has worked at the Waldorf-Astoria since 1984, recently filed a discrimination suit against the hotel for making him go by names like "John" so as not to "scare" the guests.

Flickr user tangentialism The city has beefed up security in the

If you've bought low-fat ice cream, bottled milkshakes or shredded cheese recently, you may have noticed "powdered cellulose" listed as an ingredient. Nothing to worry about!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says he'll take the Obama administration to court to fight repaying the feds $271 million for the cancelled ARC project, "I ain't paying them. We're going to go to court."

James Falzon In 2007, James Falzon was in Shea Stadium watching

Over the weekend, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood ordered New Jersey to repay

Can't an artificially sweetened alcoholic drink reach our lips these days

Flickr user bitchcakesny The New York Trucking & Delivery Association (and

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