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Jake Dobkin co-founded Gothamist with Jen Chung. In 2019, Jake released Ask a Native New Yorker, a book based on his Gothamist advice column.

Jacob Dobkin

Here is a map of the unofficial election tallies in the democratic primary for mayor.

Voters in Downtown Brooklyn, Manhattan’s Upper West Side, and southeast Queens cast ballots early at higher numbers than the rest of the city’s eligible electorate, according to data on early-voter turnout released from the NYC BOE.

These seven graphs will give you a sense of where the money race stands.

We teamed up with the NYPL for a Big Apple Book Ballot, allowing New Yorkers to practice ranked-choice voting ahead of the June primary.

New York City is turning the corner on COVID-19, undoubtedly thanks to the vaccines. But several signs suggest interest in the shots has hit a wall.

An interactive map shows where the most sightings have been reported in the last 21 years.

While vaccination rates have jumped everywhere in the city, they have risen the most in the neighborhoods that were initially favored, preserving their overrepresentation.

A year into the epidemic, basic numbers on COVID-19 remain unretrievable.

Here's what the latest Campaign Finance Board filings tell us.

New data shows some of the most vulnerable students are missing the most school.

Traffic patterns on the Port Authority and Metropolitan Transportation Authority bridges and tunnels around the city give us a sense of how NYC is gradually recovering from COVID-19.

The case-fatality rate has plummeted. Is the city close to herd immunity? Is it ready to reopen?

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