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Isidoro Rodriguez is a former Gothamist reporter.

Knights in shining armor duked it out before spectators at Central Park as part of Gladiators NYC's second event of the season.

In court papers, the New York Civil Liberties Union says the judge may have acted with implicit racial bias.

The measures are designed to give watchdogs and the public more information about the NYPD, but police say the added requirements would burden the department and damage morale.

The law would have helped a Queens man whose murder conviction was overturned this week, his lawyer said.

To impose death, jurors needed to reach a unanimous verdict. They couldn't.

Councilmember Sandra Ung has started a petition to increase enforcement in Downtown Flushing.

Juanita Holmes previously served as chief of training for the department.

The NYPD announced the arrest of 39-year-old Kimond Cyrus, accusing him of robbing four bodegas in Brooklyn and Manhattan, killing an employee in the process.

Critics say the list exposes Black and Latino men to surveillance and policing.

Citywide, robberies spiked about 30% in 2022 over previous years.

Williamsburg Charter High School will add metal detectors, according to a spokesperson.

Many of the incidents happened in daylight, and in front of children, prosecutors said.

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