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The 100% Scottish beef in the burger is drier and distinctly less flavorful than the magical mixture that Pat LaFrieda whips up for the Gotham Shacks. But the fries may be better!

Because all good things must come to an end, click on today's end-of-day links: Dog gets an Irish holiday, Mad Men self-defense, The Onion knows the future, reviving extinct mouth-birthing frogs, a farewell and more!

"Speed cameras are no substitute for live policing," the President of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association said.

A missing Queens woman's car was found near the serial killer(s) dumping ground.

And while the city comptroller is getting into the race, another candidate has dropped out.

If the kids can't see the smokes, they won't want them. Right?

Because kitty thinks it is a goat, click on today's mid-day links: Adam Lanza was prepared, an arm for a penis, Atlantis rising, Brinkely's View, broken fourth walls, religious symbolism and more!

What do people under 20 need with a living wage?

According to a lawsuit, she was "verbally and physically assaulted" by a Department of Transportation who also "continued to punch, choke, strangle, assault, batter, beat and terrorize" her and "tore off her clothes."

Ex-NYPD detective Kevin Spellman ran over and killed 66-year-old Bronx grandmother Drane Nikac in 2009.

If you had to be in Albany amidst the budget negotiations wouldn't you want to be high?

Many of us will be spending Saturday trying to actively avoid the annual Lepre-con. For those people we offer this map.

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