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"Let's be clear: what happened in Midtown is a crime. It doesn't matter what a pedestrian was doing prior to the crash."

"He is a model for each of us as we go about our daily lives," said NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill. "He will be greatly missed and will always remain a part of our family."

"It's our land that we own. We shouldn't be selling off million dollar condos that people in the community can't afford."

"It's an opportunity to encourage folks to consider using alternate transportation."

Some meeting participants protested a proposed shift in the project's location.

From the more traditional pumpkin pies and turkey-and-stuffing plates to sweet potato latkes and turducken, our Thanksgiving picks have something for everyone.

The #SwipeItForward Campaign is seeking to draw attention to the large number of people of color ticketed or arrested for fare evasion.

There were no parking freakouts at a community board meeting on the proposed expansion in the neighborhood.

One light support, overloaded with locks and other crap, fell into the Brooklyn Bridge roadway.

Gothamist spoke to journalist Sam Roberts about the origins of his book "New York in 101 Objects," our favorite objects, and how he thinks the 2000s will be remembered in 100 years.

At a hearing on the state of a new family leave policy, councilmembers challenged city officials on the program's cost and implementation.

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