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Eunice Dwumfour, a 30-year-old Republican member of the Sayreville Borough Council since 2022, was found fatally shot in her car Wednesday.

A fiscal policy group looked at the most common county-to-county moves from New Yorkers and found homes savings far outpace tax relief.

The governor wants to set housing production targets for every town. Local leaders say leave them alone.

As Memphis officials prepare to release footage of Tyre Nichols’ death by police, demonstrations are expected around New York City and the country.

The mayor’s plan comes as housing development trails in Manhattan.

NYCHA Chairman Greg Russ will formally step down from the role Thursday, the agency said.

Two 2021 laws were supposed to prevent young people from entering adult shelters just to get housing vouchers.

Landlord Aron Stark spent about a week at Rikers Island last month for failing to respond to the court over repairs on a Bushwick property.

Tenants in one building at the Grant Houses won’t be cooking on their stoves until July 31.

Nearly 4,400 households have been evicted since a ban on most removals ended last year.

The deadly Twin Parks fire shined a spotlight on the importance self-closing doors, but thousands of complaints have gone unresolved.

The mayor said all new investments would be paid through savings achieved by city agencies.

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