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Chau Lam

The audit comes as Mayor Eric Adams ramps up his administration’s plans to tackle rising homelessness.

As the mayor turns up the heat on how his administration tackles the rise in homelessness, city data shows his encampment sweeps result in modest gains.

Court officials say lawyers have declined to take on more than 10,000 eviction cases as housing lawyers remain scarce.

For years, a Bushwick barber has helped Venezuelan immigrants. With the recent influx of asylum-seekers, his assistance is more crucial than ever.

Dozens of homeless New Yorkers sued the city for lost wages and belongings over the end of a pandemic-era policy that placed homeless people in hotels instead of shelters.

A recent influx of asylum seekers in the city’s shelter system underscores complaints residents have had for years over inadequate food and safety concerns inside of shelters.

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