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Brigid Bergin is an award-winning senior reporter on the People and Power desk. Fiercely committed to telling stories that help people engage and support democracy for more than a decade, her coverage has led to multiple appearances on NPR, MSNBC and the Black News Network. Brigid's reporting in 2017 included some of the first coverage of a political upstart now known as AOC. In April 2016, she broke the news of a voter purge in Brooklyn just days before New York’s presidential primary, triggering city, state and federal investigations. Brigid also guest hosts The Brian Lehrer Show and The Takeaway. She graduated from the University at Albany and the CUNY Newmark School of Journalism. Follow her on Twitter @brigidbergin

Brigid Bergin

The NYCLU filed the federal lawsuit seeking to block the ban in Manhattan.

Bragg touched on gun violence, Mayor Eric Adams’ mental health plan, the Trump Organization and Lee Zeldin.

“In my view, the elections in 2018, 2020 and 2022 represent a clear repudiation of Trumpism and political extremism on the right.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her support for Jeffries a day after saying she would step back from Democratic leadership.

The latest episode of the “The People’s Guide to Power” looked at the results of the general election and its impact on New York and the U.S.

On this week’s final episode of The People’s Guide to Power, we unpack the election results with Kai Wright of Notes from America, political scientist Dr. Christina Greer and your calls.

Republicans may not have had as strong a showing as they had hoped, but Democrats still lost seats in the state Legislature.

“The People’s Guide to Power” examined the key themes in the race for New York governor between Kathy Hochul and Lee Zeldin.

On the upcoming “The People’s Guide to Power” we’ll talk about what’s at a stake for you in this election.

On Sunday, “The People’s Guide to Power” featured Janai Nelson, president and director counsel of the Legal Defense Fund.

The ruling means anyone afraid of catching a disease, like COVID, can continue to vote absentee.

Brigid Bergin stopped by "Morning Edition" to talk politics with host Michael Hill.

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