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Libraries may lose millions – and cut staff, hours, branches, and programming – under an Adams administration proposal.

With anti-immigration Republicans set to take over the House of Representatives in January, "the time [to act] is now," Mayor Eric Adams says.

The Access to Representation Act aims to help the influx of asylum-seekers who have descended upon the city.

We asked seven thinkers what the new voter-backed Office of Racial Equity tackle first.

Elected officials are also ramping up efforts to combat hate crimes throughout the city and state.

Irving missed eight games since he was suspended by the team on Nov. 3

The yearslong investigation is supposed to be released this year, the Department of Investigation commissioner previously said.

Thousands of new migrants face a backlogged courthouse and delays that could jeopardize their chances of staying in the country.

The so-called Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Center had been opened just under a month.

His statement comes one day after a trio of ballot questions addressing equity won voters’ support.

A new office of racial equity will lead an effort to make New York City work for all its residents.

The move comes as the team has been embroiled in off-the-court controversy.

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