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Hop on Metro-North and head north to the eclectic, often ravishingly pretty towns that make up this diverse county just beyond the city limits.

Photograph of the Beekman Arms by tiarescott This week, we're launching

For the ultimate road trip, consider renting an RV, filling it up with good friends and traveling without the hassle of finding a place to spend the night.

With its undeveloped coastline, Bioluminescent Bay, wild horses and unparalleled beaches, the island of Vieques is for those who don't mind a little extra effort, transportation-wise, to make a getaway.

Here are two Jersey Shore towns that aren't at all like Snooki.

If you want a quick, easy, budget-friendly weekend escape, here are a couple of itineraries to get you started

Matt Dillon was The Flamingo Kid This week, we're launching Gothamist's

Fly-fishing season starts on April 1st and runs through June. Sullivan County is home to some of the best fly-fishing spots on the Northeast, and it’s just a couple hours drive from NYC.

This week, we're launching Gothamist's travel content, Gothamist Getaways. Four times a

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