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For the first time in over a year, many freshly-inoculated straphangers are returning to their commutes. Here's what some of them have to say about it.

"As an outsider, I can be like, 'This is great, there’s an Open Street for me to go party and hang out with my friends outside.'" said one Greenpoint resident. "But you know what? People live there."

With the primary around the corner, we checked in with New Yorkers for their thoughts on the mayoral race.

City and federal regulators have also lifted restrictions on where people can get their second shots of Pfizer and Moderna vaccine.

This setback arose just as community leaders were looking forward to expanding vaccine outreach during the holy holiday.

New Yorkers we spoke with are largely undecided, and do not know what ranked-choice voting is.

In pre-pandemic days, they saw too many customers to count, according to Celeste, but “coronavirus has changed everything... it’s more slow now."

In addition to setting the tone for enforcement, the next mayor will also determine how millions of dollars of new local tax revenue from the cannabis industry will be spent.

The race for public advocate in 2021 is relatively quiet in an otherwise noisy election season, here's a look at who's running.

With limited in-person events this year, there is an abundance of virtual events including online parades, performances, workshops, and more for all ages.

The public advocate is a relatively new position in New York City government, created in 1993 after major revisions to the City Charter in 1989.

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