Today's weather forecasting tip: Whenever the National Weather Service forecast has "chance of precipitation is 40%" give or take a few percent, for several consecutive days it means there's a zombie front of some sort in the neighborhood. That's exactly what's expected this week as a warm front has moved north of the city and stalled, bringing a warm, humid air mass to town. This afternoon's high will be in the upper 70s and there's a slight chance of showers or thunderstorms. Given how thick the air is any storms could be real soakers.

The Weather Service and the Weather Channel disagree on the details but they largely agree that the front will sag southward as a cold front tomorrow. That pretty much sets up a repeat of today's weather with another chance of drenching showers or thunderstorms and a high in the upper 70s or maybe even low 80s. The front is expected to move back north on Wednesday, allowing for the temperature to rise into the lower 80s. The undead front's movement is expected to coincide with a passing upper-level disturbance, and that will up the chances of thunderstorms and heavy downpours on Wednesday afternoon.

After another warm day on Thursday it looks like a couple of troughs will push the front southward as a cold front. Friday's high will probably only be around 70 degrees. The rest of the Memorial Day weekend doesn't look much warmer but as of now it looks pretty dry.