Chris Simms is gaining quite the reputation: the currently out-of-work quarterback is on trial after he was caught earlier this summer allegedly driving while stoned. PO Francisco Acosta, the arresting officer who pulled him over after he made a "wild turn" on Houston St., testified in the pre-trial hearing: "It was coming from his breath. I had a headache. Even my tongue got numb...He was like a zombie, like a slow motion type of person."

Unemployed zombie Simms allegedly admitted to smoking marijuana on the spot to Acosta: "He told me he smoked it earlier, he said he had four puffs.’’ Simms' eight-month pregnant wife, who was in the passenger seat, was the one who told him to shut up:‘‘‘Don’t do anything, don’t take any tests, don’t say anything to the cops. Keep quiet.’’’ Simms, son of Giants quarterback Phil Simms, pleaded not guilty, and faces at least a few weeks in NY to resolve the matter. Thankfully, he doesn't have to worry about having to go anywhere to work, since the Tennessee Titans cut him recently.