So with less than two weeks left until the gubernatorial election, now might be the time for Carl Paladino to finally dip fully into that $10 million he promised to use on his campaign; according to Buffalo News, Cuomo has nearly $12 million left in his campaign piggy bank, compared with $131,000 for Paladino. He's spent about $5 million of his own money altogether on the election. But if he'd rather stick with what he knows, he could just keep insulting Manhattan.

During a speech in Binghamton yesterday, Paladino said of the borough, "It's just, it's mind-boggling. The people, everybody looking straight ahead, sort of catatonic. A very difficult place to live." We never realized that Paladino had lived in this very difficult place before; Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer zinged back in a statement, "Carl Paladino was mistaken. It wasn't Manhattanites walking around like zombies in a catatonic state - he must have just woken up in a Manhattan hotel room and looked in the mirror." Hey guys, maybe Paladino just saw someone with a really awesome Emperor Palpatine costume.