The Mayor and Police Commissioner made sure New Yorkers knew that things were status quo after Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's death. And by status quo, that means New York City is still on high alert, which has not really changed since September 12, 2001 (save a subway terror alert here and there). Mayor Bloomberg said, "I don't think you should worry about: Are you safer today than you were yesterday or are you more in danger? The world probably is better off without this person, but there are plenty of other people that we have to bring to justice." The NY Times also voiced that thought in an editorial today.

And in Queens, some residents are upset that the Queens chapter of Al Muhajiroun pass out anti-US fliers and shout anti-American sentiments from a megaphone at 37th Avenue and 74th Street. A former Queens member (and Brooklyn College grad), Syed Hashmi, was arrested in London on terror charges.

A 2003 CNN graphic of NYC's terror alert; you can see that NYC's has stayed "high" while the country fluctuated