A Brooklyn YWCA resident has been arrested after she allegedly fatally stabbed her neighbor, possibly as many as 80 times yesterday.

Police say that the incident unfolded around 7 a.m. Saturday at the YWCA on Third Avenue near Atlantic Avenue; the Boerum Hill location provides housing for low-income and homeless women. Victim Liza Millet, 48, was stabbed up to 80 times in the back and torso with a six-inch kitchen knife by fellow YWCA resident Dorothy Curry. Millet, a home health aide who lived at the YWCA for years, was taken to Methodist Hospital, where she was declared dead.

The motive for the killing is unclear, but residents told the tabloids that the 55-year-old Curry was unstable: "I saw her sometimes outside, picking up cigarette butts and talking to herself," fellow resident Regina Zimmerman, who described Curry as "mentally incapacitated," told the Post. "You can't be in your right mind and stab someone 80 times."

"I don't know why this happened," Zimmerman told the News. "They're just saying she went on a rampage. It's actually really upsetting because most of the women here get along very well." Witnesses also told them that Curry had been banging on her neighbors’ doors before going into Millet’s room.

Curry was taken to Kings County Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. She has since been charged with second-degree murder and possession of a criminal weapon.