During this morning's Barclays Center jobs press conference, everyone was whispering about the new logo, a photograph of which was circulating yesterday. Although Brooklyn BP Marty Markowitz wouldn't comment on it directly ("I don't know, we'll see"), our sources confirmed that it is indeed the logo. As for the team keeping the Nets name, Markowitz said he wasn't that concerned: "As long as the first part of the name is Brooklyn!"

Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner also talked about the team name, and why there wasn't more re-branding: "The primary brand is Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn...There was a lot of debate and surveys were taken and the results came out that there is a legacy to the Nets. It is not like we were moving to the West Coast or something. A lot of work was done, a lot of research."

Both men expressed an interest in the Islanders coming to Barclays as well: "I'd love to see it," said Markowitz. ""I've talked to [Islanders owner Charles Wang] but that was many months ago...This is now in the sphere of real business. I'd love to see the Brooklyn Islanders." Ratner added,"Wang is a friend, I talk to him all the time. I think the major goal is to make sure that first a team stays in New York State. And after that we'll just see what happens."

The Nets will officially unveil their Brooklyn "brand identity" Monday at 10 a.m. at Modell’s Sporting Goods across the street from Barclays Center. The team’s color scheme and logos were created by Jay-Z—but don't be fooled by the photoshop of Jay-Z wearing the logo going around the internet currently.

One very good sign for the team: it sounds like star Deron Williams liked what he saw at Barclays. “My mood’s good,” he said. “It’s good right now, I enjoy being around these guys. I’ve got some big decisions to make. I think going to Brooklyn helped me see the vision again, so we’ll see what happens.” If they CAN keep him, the only question left is whether Brooklynites love themselves enough to root for the team.