According to the Daily News, some Park Slope parents—inspired by the never-ending "Sh*t Blank Says" meme—have been conspiring together to create a precious "Sh*t Park Slope Parents Say" video that really nails down their unique culture. And to that, we say: NO, PLEASE, DEAR GOD, JUST SHUT IT DOWN.

Because "Sh*t New Yorkers Say" and "Sh*t Native New Yorkers Say" weren't enough to encapsulate their community, a group of Park Slope moms, led by Susan Fox and comedian Katie Goodman, have been gathering fodder for the video from a Park Slope listserv—topics include natural childbirth, breast-feeding, organic food and strange kids names:

  • “Alfalfa can’t come to Fitzherbert’s party. She’s prepping for her preschool admission playdate that day.”
  • "Does this Che t-shirt come in size x-small?"
  • "I see that you serve organic, pasture-fed meat, but was it happy?"
  • “I'm going to sell my birthing pool/nursing bra/maternity panties.”

How bad is this idea? If the NY Times has a story today about how the "Sh*t Blank Says" meme is getting old, then you know that means it's weeks past its actual expiration date. The ouroboros of "Sh*t Blank Says" videos has already come full circle, so the only thing left at stake is the further decline of our beloved meme-infested link junkyard.

“There's enough people that make fun of us. Let's make fun of ourselves,” Fox explained of the idea. Fine, then throw in the bike messenger-delivered sex toys, and maybe we can talk.