2006_05_hiddencamera.JPGIf you live in a rent-stabilized apartment maybe bend the rules a little (sublet while you stay at your significant others's?), beware: A man found a camera focused on his apartment door. Bryan Lurie lives in a $360 a month studio in the West Village, which basically means his landlord has at least, oh, 600 reasons to find a way to get him out. The Post says Lurie found the spy-cam in the electrical box in the hall, and his friends say he should have the apartment swept for bugs. There's something in the backstory betwen Lurie and his landlord - they'd been in court for two years arguing over his right to the apartment (the judge ruled for Lurie) - which makes it sound like there's serious beef between the two, but Gothamist doubts this is limited to just nasty relationships (and cameras are better than hiring goons to beat up tenants) - building owners like it when their rent-stabilized tenants leave!

Next Monday is the public hearing of the Rent Guidelines Board's meeting about raising stabilized rents.