Observing the behavior of some politicians in Albany is like lifting up a rock and watching the cockroaches flip you off. After bringing the already slothful State Senate to a standstill this summer by aligning with Republicans, megalomaniacal scofflaw Pedro Espada Jr. of The Westchester Bronx was wooed back to the Democratic fold and handed the position of majority leader. But naturally the perks didn't stop there; it's now come to light that Espada's son, Pedro G., has been hired by the Senate for the job of "deputy director of intergovernmental relations."

He's not replacing anybody; it's a newly created position that pays $120,000 a year. Pedro G. is not to be confused with Espada's other son Alejandro, who runs one of his father's controversial health clinics and recently admitted to roughing up a reporter. No, this Espada spawn is a former Bronx assemblyman and City Council member (though his Facebook page says his employer is Soundview Health Center).

You'll now be paying him to help out Indira Noel, who actually earns less as the Senate's $118,000-a-year director of intergovernmental relations. Last month Noel pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a forged instrument, and we sure hope her bad behavior doesn't rub off on Pedro G.!