2005_02_ponding.jpgEven though there's big snow headed our way, it's also time to keep in mind things about the snow melt. First of all, if you come across any stray voltage (though we hope you don't), call Con Ed at 800-75-CONED (800-752-6633). This past weekend, the Daily News reported that two dogs were shocked by stray voltage on Fifth Avenue and 30th Street, but it turned out to be from a defective switch in an apartment building. Nonetheless, Con Ed has been checking various locations in the city for stray voltage, as well as manholes for possible eruptions.

And another thing to look out for: Potholes! You may not drive, but you could possibly be tripped by one. Snow and water are especially sneaky, masking some treacherous potholes or broken streets by pooling water in the pothole, make you thinking that a 6" sink is only 1". You can call 311 to complain about potholes, and one of Gothamist's favorite city website is this Department of Transportation page on what various potholes look like and what they are called.