The MTA has voted to change its rules of rider conduct yesterday for the first time since 1994. Among the changes: No moving between cars; no riding on bikes or skateboards, or in-line skating; no resting feet on seats. The MTA left the "no open containers" on the subway rule that its had for 30 years, even though the MTA's attempt to "clarify it" by saying that people couldn't drink from the containers (that change was not made) brought more attention to it. And, boy, did people get upset. "It was a constant complaint," spokesman Tom Kelly said. "Everytime they spotted Kalikow on the train, they started complaining about it." Good for those riders! Please, Chairman Kalikow doesn't get enough complaints for Gothamist's liking. If you see this man, bug him!

Anyway, the MTA will try to use common sense, and hopes that its riders will, too. Gothamist just says if you really need to drink from your coffee in the subway (that's fineable), shield it with an AM New York or Metro you get in the morning. But people riding their skateboards in the subway - that was really getting to us. Gothamist on the rules and read the MTA's Rules of Conduct.