Last December, Judge Richard Berman ruled that subway bag checks were constitutional. Naturally, the NYCLU appealed that decision, but today, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the constitutionality of bag checks. From the AP:

In its written ruling, the appeals court noted that New York's subway system is an "icon of the city's culture and history, an engine of its colossal economy, a subterranean repository of its art and music, and, most often, the place where millions of diverse New Yorkers and visitors stand elbow to elbow as they traverse the metropolis."

The court noted that New York's subway system, the nation's largest, includes 26 interconnected train lines and 468 far-flung passenger stations, carrying 4.7 million passengers on an average weekday and 1.4 billion riders a year.

The opinion said it was "unsurprising and undisputed that terrorists view it as a prime target."

Hey, hear that, Department of Homeland Security? Liquids, however, are allowed on the subway, though you cannot drink them unless it's in a closed container.