Well, the heat wave is past, the dead are being counted, and so it is now time for the city's papers to fill up their first-Saturday-in-August issues with newsprint on the aftermath and what could've gone worse. So let's just go with that old-blog-standard, the roundup:

- Many (we'd guess most) West Queens residents who suffered through the eight-day blackout last month are not in the least amused by ConEd's offer of a $3 credit for their troubles.
- The Times explores that "My friend's dad works at Con Ed..." e-mail that was working its way around on Thursday.
- Bloomie is still not jumping to condemn ConEd for its responses to this summer.
- Small patches of the city have been blacking in and out for the past week, including one three-block patch of the Bronx.
- Well, that explains something. "ConEd has reduced maintenance spending from a peak of $462 million in 1993 to a low of $250 million in 2004." As Assemblyman Richard Brodsky put it to the Post: "It appears that they did to the electric system what the city of New York did to its train system in the 1970s." Snap!
- Oh, and without some massive upgrades to the system, you better get used to power outages.

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