Farmers' Almanac 2004/5 Winter Forecast

Gothamist returns from vacation (oh how we missed you) to 80 degree weather, and news from the 2005 Farmers' Almanac that this year we are in for a wet winter. Whether that moisture will come as rain or snow seems up in the air according to them. Their press release states

...we may be destined for more wild weather conditions, with plenty of extremes. "The Farmers' Almanac’s long-range weather predictions are pointing towards a very variable winter, featuring alternating periods of unseasonably cold conditions, then unseasonable warmth, as well as an active storm track along the eastern seaboard that ensures plentiful precipitation," reveals Farmers' Almanac Editor and Philom., Peter Geiger. For example, in the Northeast, the Farmers' Almanac is calling for a snowstorm in time for Christmas, and for possible blizzard conditions in mid-February, with a "wintermission" in January, when unusually mild weather takes hold.

While their prediction for last winter was accurate for the most part calling for a cold winter, and this summer's forecast was dead-on, calling for a cool and wet summer, their secret formula for forecasting is a mystery to us. The forecasts are compiled two years in advance and are based on sunspots, the position of the planets and tidal action of the moon? C'mon... We think that this sort of forecast will only lead us into extreme anticipation of a white Chirstmas only to be bummed out again when it rains instead. Since 1818, they claim they are correct 80% of the time, though this hasn't been proven or disproven.

Still their website provides some elements of entertainment by answering questions such as "Q: My sister and I cannot remember what the spoon, knife and fork inside the Persimmon seed stand for.", "Q. How do you remove wax that has melted on a rug?" and of course, "Q. When’s the best time to get my haircut or quit smoking?" which points to the list of Best Days.

Incidentally, we'd like to warn you not to confuse this Farmer's Almanac in Lewiston, ME with the Old Farmers' Almanac of Dublin, New Hampshire which is also calling for the same weather and Gothamist Weather Joe spoke his love for last week. Both have more than just weather inside and are a great purchase for anyone intrigued by the magical mystery of weather and all of the trivia and fun it brings with it.