You know it, the mice eating your Saltines know it, your real estate broker HAD to know it (damn you, Mickey): your apartment is a sieve. And now it's confirmed: The gaps around your A.C. unit are costing the city an extra "$130 million to $180 million a year" in fuel consumption. That's around a billion delicious, heat-thwarting Freeze-Pops, people!

A study conducted by the Urban Green Council (which appropriates the prestigious LEED designation to efficient buildings) entited "There Are Holes In Our City's Walls," showed that the leaks produce "375,000 to 525,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions" each year, which amounts to "1% of citywide greenhouse gas emissions." 1% may sound puny, but it's an issue of prevention, and prevention is always easy. Or is it?

Anyone who has a cheap, window-mounted A.C. knows that they never, ever fit correctly into the window sill. Once you feel the cool touch of Poseidon's breath crystallizing your pit stains, you don't really care about how much cash is shooting out the window. (Hence the impunity with which shops keep their A.C. on and their doors open.) Additionally, "residents of high-rise buildings are often required to hire professional help to remove and reinstall the units as a safety precaution," and one Upper West Ride tenant notes that "you find a reputable company, and then you find that these guys are just too busy and you can't get on their schedule." While you could just remove them yourself, we know how that story ends.