NYU moved its career development center to the dorm in the space formerly known at the Palladium - the Palladium residence hall. The Washington Square News says there will be "a computer lab with 30 computers and laser printers, student and employer lounges, presentation rooms, recruiting rooms, wireless availability and a café with barstools and vending machines," plus "free faxing and copying, video conferencing for students studying abroad, and DVD-R technology for mock interviews." Hmm, will the DVD-R technology be used for reality show audition DVDs as well? Apparently company recruiters complained about the smaller facilities at 719 Broadway and at Washington Square. The jury is out amongst the student community, but we liked this quote from a student who lives at the Lafayette dorm: “It’s kind of far. I guess it depends on how good the café is.” Gothamist predicts she has a future in the restaurant industry.

The murder at the Palladium over a decade ago still has unanswered questions, with one of the convictions overturned last year.