Before the City Council approved a $52.9 billion budget yesterday, they got their desert, aka Schedule C. Also known as the Fiscal Year 2007 Adopted Expense Budget Adjustments Summary[PDF], Schedule C is the list of all the Council's pet items that successfully were restored or added to the budget. And what a crazy list of pet items got through! It's going to take a bit of time to find the goodies in the 70-odd pages of the summary (if you find anything of interest, use the comments!), but Times newsroom juggernaut Sewell Chan has already started to charge through it:

The roster is encyclopedic, from the Afikim Foundation, which provides Jewish online learning ($35,000), to the Zeta Zeta Zeta Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, a national African-American fraternity ($10,000). It includes the Filial Piety Society of Sunnyside, Queens ($3,500); the Ghetto Film School ($28,500); the Russian American Voters League ($7,500); and the Sister Power Organization ($10,000).

To be fair, it does seem that Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn is making serious attempts to clean up the budget making give-and-take process. It's just the old ways are not going gently into that good night. "We haven't ended the dance, but we have made tremendous progress toward that goal," she said before the new budget was approved.

And hey, it's been worse...

Bloomberg and Quinn shake hands, photo by William Alatriste from the City Council Press Room.