pioneering tv meteorologist Roy Leep, 1959So, you want to be a meteorologist? The New York City/Long Island Chapter of the American Meteorological Society is having a panel discussion on career opportunities in meteorology and atmospheric science next Thursday. The meeting will be held at the SUNY-Stony Brook. Speakers include meteorologists from the private sector, the National Weather Service, TV, academia and the Air Force.

Content with reading the forecast instead of making a forecast? Gothamist will try to keep you informed and entertained. The weather looks forgettably nice the next few days. The winds about half-way up in the atmosphere are expected to be zonal, blowing mainly from west to east, for the next week or more. A zonal circulation pattern means no warm air coming up from the tropics and no cold air moving down from the poles. Cloudy, cool and a slight chance of showers today. Still cool but a little less cloudy over the weekend. CityRag has some excellent suggestions for getting out of town and viewing the fall colors (say hello to Buddy for us if you see him). Next week it should be ever so slightly warmer and still dry.