Shoulda stocked up on the BL Lime & Snickers Ice Cream bars last night when it was dryer than a Theta Delt date function—Coppola put that intermission in Godfather II for a reason. Now the National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm WATCH ("warnings" are for Sallys) until 9 PM for New York City—and yup, Fairfield & New Haven are on the list too. Your tee time is toast!

The NWS also issued a flash flood watch through "LATE TONIGHT," which is pretty late cause we've partied with the NWS before and when they say "late" they fucking mean it. Two inches of rain is likely, with up to four inches in some areas. It's not supposed to stop until tomorrow afternoon. It's not ever gonna stop. has a pretty nifty map showing you air to ground strikes in real time. Take a shot of Fireball every time one hits your county.