2007_04_nelsonmuntz.gifTwenty-three years may have passed since the incident, but a 29-year-old woman's lawsuit against the city over a kindergarten bullying episode can proceed. How? Well, after a kindergarten classmate threw a block that damaged her cornea, Fatima Bowles filed a complaint in 1985 within the two-year statute of limitations. But the case never progressed and then her lawyers died. A new lawyer at the same firm took the case in 2003 and found the city never moved to dismiss the case for inactivity, so Bowles' lawsuit is on track.

Apparently, a student, who school officials knew was harassing Bowles, threw the block when the teacher left the room briefly. Bowles' lawyer argued that the city "was on notice" yet still "allowed the teacher to go out, leaving the kids alone." A judge agreed that the Board of Education "may have failed in its duty to protect Bowles." Bowles told the Daily News she saw her assailant as a teenager, and he said, "I busted you in your eye with that block."

Bullying in nothing new in schools these days, but the most recent school arrests we've heard about is the 13 year old who was arrested for writing on a desk.