As part of the residual blizzard-related-news trickle, the Daily News asks whether or not New Yorkers should be raising their pitchforks in anger at Mayor Bloomberg, because he may not have even been here. He might have been in Bermuda! And not left a Deputy Mayor in charge! Anarchy! (Snownarchy?) Except City Hall spokesman Jason Post told us, "There was no confusion; the Mayor was in charge." Resume your angry mobbing, please.

Mayor Bloomberg is reportedly not talking about whether or not he was in Bermuda, and if he was it means he was making decisions in a perfect state of serene circumspection from his island paradise. But Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson, who was on vacation in London during the storm, says it shouldn't even matter because it was through the collective work of the entire city that the blizzard was such a disaster. "You can focus on who was here, whether this person was here," he told NY1. "The bottom line is, we didn't do the job... Had we done that, nobody would be asking questions about where the mayor was."

Wolfson did defend Bloomberg, saying he's still batting .750: "During this Mayor's tenure we've had four snowfalls of about 20 inches or more. The first three we dealt with very, very well." We'd like to take a moment to remind everyone that it will most likely snow again on Friday, so please leave your cars in the streets on Thursday night; we're really hoping for some more plow confusion.