Metro has an interview with ESDC chairman Charles Gargano, who says he wants to get "Brooklyn Bridge Park up to a level where work can begin in early ’07." Interestingly enough, a bunch of civic groups and the Sierra Club have joined together and sued to stop construction of Brooklyn Bridge Park over the inclusion of high-end real estate. Originally, the plan was to put 700 condos in to offset some of the park's operating expenses - but then the number of condos went to 900, and now the plan has 1200. The lawsuit claims that the Empire State Development Corporation has been "rewriting" the rules when it comes to planning the park.

Check out the plan for Brooklyn Bridge Park. And in his Metro interview, Gargano says that in 10 years, New York will look "better than ever. You will see a built World Trade Center, including the new memorial and the new transit hub. You will see a new Javits, the new Moynihan Station. You’ll see a thriving Queens West with tall residential towers. You’ll see Atlantic Yards completed. You’ll see a new Yankee Stadium. A new Mets stadium. New buildings for Bank of America and Goldman Sachs. Brooklyn Bridge Park completed. We will have our waterfronts cleaned up with parks." That's optimistic, but we hope the city will have more parks, too.