Bryant Park

New Yorkers for Parks, a watchdog group for New Yorkers and their Parks, issued their Report Card on Parks, last week. Newsday analyzed the information and says that 40% of the parks flunked, but adds that the report card only looked at small and medium sized parks and might have been extremely tough with its grading.

The Parks Commisson says the report is well-meaninged, however, considering it covers 1700 parks of all sizes, Commissioner Adrian Benepe feels they should be cut a little slack: "We believe our inspection paints a more accurate portrait of the park system. They're looking at something hard to quantify: the ambience of a playground. We'll admit while parks should be safe, clean and usable, they may not be as safe or as pretty. We'd like to make all the parks be as nice as they can be."

- Bryant Park is the best park in the city.
- University Woods Park in the Bronx is one of the worst - it's also called "Voodoo Park" and New Yorkers for Parks says "There's obviously some illegal stuff that's been going on there for months, if not years."
- Tompkins Square Park gets a D. Hmm, East Village hipsters dirty? Sounds right.

A toilet in University ParkGrades of parks in:
Staten Island

The biggest park of them all, Central Park, celebrates its 150th birthday! Herbert Muschamp waxes poetic about the park in today's Times.