Good morning! You might have noticed that we've accumulated a light dusting of snow outside (and inside). Maybe you were thinking about driving to work this morning? Don't. Yesterday's storm left our roadways, how do we put this lightly? Temporarily screwed.

You don't want to go out in that (via 511NY).

Bridges and tunnels are experiencing severe delays and long closures, many streets have not been plowed yet and won't be for a bit, chunks of the BQE are just stopped thanks to multiple disabled vehicles and tractor trailers (from Hamilton Ave. to the Brooklyn Bridge is currently flat-out closed) and so on, and so forth. Seriously, cars and emergency vehicles and buses are stuck all over (see above) and they aren't going to just magically start moving. So don't go and get in their way! If you don't believe us, and don't want to go outside and see for yourself, just look at some of the many traffic cameras around town—you see much moving?

We've started collecting pictures of stuff stuck in the snow above that range from buses to cars to plows. Seen anything good stuck? Send us your pics or tag them "Gothamist" on flickr.

The best thing you can do today is stay off the roads and leave them for emergency vehicles and plows. And if you must get somewhere, some underground trains and some busses are still running (just check with first!). In the meantime, look on the bright side: alternate side parking regulations are suspended today as well as parking meter rules. And? Snow day!