In certain circles, Crown Heights just doesn't have the same cachet as Prospect Heights. But it's not as easy for apartment hunters to find good deals in the ProHigh these days! Thankfully, realtors have come up with a solution for those trendy New Yorkers who find a place in Crown Heights (or on the border of the two neighborhoods) but wish they lived in Prospect Heights. They're now calling the increasingly nebulous border region between the two neighborhoods ProCro. Please make a note of it.

It's generally (though not uniformly) agreed that Prospect Heights ends at Washington to the east, Flatbush to the west, and Atlantic to the north, Eastern Parkway to the south. But as developer Michael Schlege tells the Wall Street Journal, "Prospect Heights has been expanding north and taking over what was traditionally known as Crown Heights. Crown Heights is not as fashionable. The building stock isn't as nice. Proximity to the park isn't as good." But now that it's ProCro, there are "million-dollar condos and sleek wine bars" open for business!

At Classon and St. Mark's Avenue, a developer of a new 67-unit apartment building expects to charge $2,000 for a 700-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment. "If you would ask me two or three years ago, I wouldn't expect to be able to get that kind of money," explains Israel Hirschfield. "Maybe more like $1,500... It's exciting." And don't worry if you can't afford the rising rent and get priced out of ProCro—there are plenty of hot trendy rental units in the up-and-coming BrownEa (Brownsville/East New York).