The latest in the meandering renovation of Washington Square Park: The NY Times reports that State Supreme Justice Emily Jane Goodman has "halted" redesign, "saying the Bloomberg administration violated the City Charter by failing to notify the public about all of the proposed changes." And what's more, if the Parks Department will need to go through the approval process, starting with Community Board 2, all over again! Which means it's time for everyone to get their soapboxes and yelling voices ready - and for the city to consider disclosing all details to the public to avoid this kind of mess. The Washington Square Park redesign has gone through so many changes and issues - fountains moving, fountain water possibly being tainted, fences but no gates - that Gothamist looks forward to the redesign approval process do-over so we can reacquaint ourselves with the plan and start anew.

Check out Preserve Washington Square Park for more information. In other development news, the Javits Center expansion was finally approved while the Port Authority is close to authorizing the Hudson Tunnel project.